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We often come across many terms like Data Analytics, Data Science, Big Data etc. Since the introduction of computers smart phones, you must have heard this term 'DATA' like a bazillions times. Even your subconscious mind knows that data is revenue.

What is data?

Data is a collection of a collection of facts, such as words, numbers, measurements etc. Generally data is in raw format and is not very useful without processing. The processed data is called Information.


Data Science is the study of data. Different scientific methods, process, algorithms, systems and tools are used to analyse this stored data and effectively extract useful information.


Data analytics is a subset of data science. It's the process of analyzing the raw data sets to draw conslusion to enhance productivity and business gain. The goal is to discover useful information, by inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modeling data, which helps in decision-making.

Data analytics helps businesses convert their historical and real-time, traditional and big data into actionable insights. We are ready to implement our best data analytics practices to empower companies with informed decision-making in all business areas.

We use powerful analysis tools like Tableau, Power BI, Exploratory Data Analysis (using Python and R) or a combination of them to represent the Key Performance Indicators for a business in the best possible way.



Machine learning fits with in data science. Machine learning is the most basic practice of using algorithms to help improve learning from data without human intervention.

We develop end to end AI Powered Smart Software Applications keeping scalable data pipelines on the cloud for your use case. Our expertise lies in producing Scalable and Cost Effective state of the art Computer Vision algorithms, that are optimised to run not only on high end GPUs but also on commodity CPUs and edge devices like Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson.

Our team is well versed with deep learning technologies and Frameworks life Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, fastAi and more. We leverage the state of the art architectures like CNNs, RNNs, LSTMs, GANs etcetera as per the project requirements. We also deliver cloud based solutions since cloud companies are gearing up to offer a comprehensive stack that delivers computer vision in AI as a Service.